Case Histories

A wide variety of aroma/odor problems have been successfully addressed during the past decade. Problems ranging from off-aromas / off-flavors in foods and beverages to malodors in consumer products, packaging and human environments (i.e. residential, commercial and agricultural downwind), have been solved by the VOLATILE ANALYSIS team.

The systems that have been developed over time to address these issues have evolved out of our requirement for maximum efficiency and minimum response time to these, often crisis-driven, problems. This section demonstrates how the integrated AromaTrax® system is used to maximize efficiency of these investigations. Illustrated applications include:


Bottled Water

Cereal from printed package

Coated aluminum foil

Fish based processed food

High Fructose corn syrup

Mattresses and other Polyurethane foam products

OTC Pharmaceutical product

Pet Food - Processed

Plastic fast food take out bags

Soft drink

Specialty Tape

Downwind Odor Sampling Strategy

A better approach to assessing and monitoring
aromas and odors





















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