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VOLATILE ANALYSIS is the leader in the development and utilization of Gas Chromatograph-Olfactory techniques and ancillary devices to rapidly resolve real world issues relating to aroma and odor.

When it comes to off odors or aroma profiling, many standard GC techniques cannot accurately identify the important odor causing components. The active aroma/odor component is often present at very low concentrations in a complex matrix of volatile constituents. In many cases, aromas / odors are found in the parts per billion and even parts per trillion concentration range.

A traditional Gas Chromatograph (GC) can detect compounds of sufficient concentration (peaks) from a sample, but not what odors are associated with those peaks. A sensory panel can identify which odors or flavor are malicious, but they cannot identify the specific compounds that are responsible.  VOLATILE ANALYSIS combines the sensory component with a multidimensional analytical instrument to create a single system that can provide the most sensitive and accurate results in the world.

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To assist you in your odor, aroma or flavor analysis VOLATILE ANALYSIS offers the following services:

• Rapid resolution to difficult flavor/aroma and off-odor identification
• Aroma profiling / Aroma dilution analysis
• Critical flavor component determination
• Food / Packaging interactions
• Aroma / flavor profiling foods, extracts, wines, beer and distilled spirits
• Hops, grain analysis, yeast comparisons
• Raw material analysis
• Aroma analysis and deformulation
• Competitor product analysis
• Trace impurities in LPG and VCM feedstock
• Methods development in QC-GC applications
• Methods development for multivariate analysis
• Chemical neutralization or masking studies
• Hydrogen sulfide analysis at ppb, ppt level
• Sensory panels / Analytical correlation



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